I was always been told have a beginning, a middle and an end. Me, I’ve always had a beginning and that’ s i

t. Get off to a good start and the rest of it falls into place. As I’ve said in the past you just need one strong character to lead you from page. I have numerous such characters that appear in my novels and they carry the story. Of course it helps that I’ve been exposed to numerous weirdos throughout my life, in fact I’ve had a rather intense life experience to date so I have a lot to cull from.
But, all you need is one, a lead character with a distinct voice. He or she will dictate how the story evolves and don’t be afraid when that character leads you astray or far afield. Follow them because it always works out in the end.


Hello, this is officially my first post. I am an author, a writer, a ceator, a wordsmith. I create novels that are intense character studies. My novels follow the Zigthaler Clan, a ragtag bunch that has been compared with a Manson-like cult family dynamic. The draw is Brandt Zigthaler a mesmerizer who has a special attraction to women. One look into his ice blue eyes and women cannot resist his charm. Of course it helps that Brandt is gorgeous, women claim he’s a beautiful man. His face has facets that under differing lighting conditions changes his appearance all of them mysterious and alluring. At six-four in height and possessing a wedge shaped swimmer’s body he’s the complete package. The problem is Brandt doesn’ t know he has this power over women. That he has a “harem” of ladies that love him and consider themselves fortunate to share their lives with him, Brandt considers this a normal family structure. At his house on Big Pine Key are seven Russian girls that worship him. When he’s in Washington, DC there are three women that share his love. There is a lovely lady in Costa Rica that is the mother of his daughter, Tomasina. There is one woman that is Brandt’s true love. It’s his wife, Maya. As she is fond of saying, “Brandt may f#ck a lot of women, but I’m the only one he makes love to.” Maya is bisexual and that has led to their open marriage. She, like her husband has a “companion” a steady gay love interest and enjoys many liasons with

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