I Lost A Character!

In my latest book, there was a scene where the family is spending the Thanksgiving holiday at their beach  house on Big Pine Key. I expressed four days of activity and safely got everyone home after the holiday. As I went back over this section I realized that I was missing a character. Her name is Mei Lin, a diminutive Chinese girl from the Altay region where China, Russia, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan and other exotic countries meet. In fact, Mei Lin knows all of those languages.

She was found as a stowaway after completion of a smuggling run from Haiti to Haulover Park in North Miami. Mei Lin was amongst a dozen Chinese girls destined for slave labor in nail and massage parlors up and down the east coast.

As is their standard MO, the main characters “adopted” Mei Lin, taking her into their home. She played a big part in my last book which is why I was upset that I had forgotten her now!

Good news is, I re-wrote that section and Mei Lin is back where she belongs. Maybe the family is getting too big, are fourteen members too much? I don’t think so, guess I should just watch out for everyone in the future.


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